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Here at Positive Lifestyle Rewards, we don’t just want to bore you with the usual details of how our product is better than the rest; we want to provide you with real-life stories, from real-life clients who continue to benefit from our services…day in and day out.

Introducing our second case study, this time with Mike, who is not only reaping the rewards of lower monthly premiums, but also the various benefits that Vitality can offer.  You can also read our first case study with iSupply Group Co-Owner/Director Andy Hibbert here.

Why did you choose Positive Lifestyle Rewards?

“We used to be with LV before moving, and it had been a while since we had reviewed our insurance policy. I was recommended to Angela and Positive Lifestyle Rewards by one of our friends. I then met with Angela, she went through a review and highlighted a few areas where we needed to update our current policy.

“The meeting was extremely positive and Angela came across as both very friendly, and very knowledgeable. She was able to point us in the right direction, advising us what policies we needed. We also chose PLR because there were a lot of benefits included, rather than just the standard lifestyle policy where you pay every month and you don’t hear anything unless you need to make a claim.

“It’s interactive; you can check where you are up to all the time, as well as getting rewards for being active so it made perfect sense to go with it.”

How are the rest of the family benefitting from the policy, not just yourself?

We love to take advantage of the discounted cinema tickets regularly, especially over the summer when there are a lot of children’s films out. It also comes in handy at Christmas when a lot of the big movies tend to come out.

“Myself and the wife have both have activity trackers, she’s got an Apple Watch and I’ve got a Garmin one and it means we’re constantly checking our steps and making sure we’re qualifying for those rewards. You also get free Starbucks every week, which is great!

It’s completely different from a normal insurance policy that you just pay into, as I already mentioned it’s interactive and is beneficial for the whole family. The cover is a lot better than what we previously had, which also cost a fair bit more!”

Our serious illness cover is the most comprehensive on the market, and it has helped numerous individuals and businesses in their time of need. The rewards offered are truly the icing on the cake.

If, just like Mike, you and your family could benefit from the services offered by Positive Lifestyle Rewards, as well as all of the exciting extras, then give Angela a call on 07857010262 and she will be happy to talk you through all of the options. 

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