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Our Employee Engagement Services is an affordable alternative for SME’s to manage their Payroll, Workplace Pensions, HR, Legal, Occupational Health and Employee Wellbeing better – all from one place.


Payroll Expert

Conveniently manage your payroll from a mobile device or desktop using our affordable Payroll Expert. Save money on employment of payroll staff, reduce stress and mitigate risk from mistakes and HMRC fines.

Pensions Expert

Our Pensions experts offers attractive pension schemes to give you the peace of mind that your employees’ pensions are in good hands and are fully HMRC compliant.

Strategic HR Expert

With our HR Expert you can ensure high quality performance within a workplace and develop your company’s progression in accordance with your goals and vision.

Employment Law Expert

Our Employment Law Experts provide full support, on-site visits and even legal representation for any workplace disputes or alleged wrongful workplace activity ranging from unjustified termination to health and safety issues.

Recruitment Expert

Our Recruitment Experts use cutting-edge technology to quickly find and attract top talent and the best candidates to fit your company’s culture.

Occupational Health Expert

Whether it be Absence Management, Physical & Mental Health Support, or Drug/Alcohol testing, and more – our Occupation Health Experts ensure that your firm meets the government’s obligatory health & safety requirements.

Rewards & Recognition Expert

Our Rewards & Recognitions expert help you maximise your employees’ potential, and even reduces tension in the workplace through tested motivational strategies & reward systems.

Training & Development Expert

The Training & Development expert will create learning courses that are tailored to the needs of your workforce, as well as provide consultation on future skills and development demands.

Online GP

Employers can help alleviate the strain of having to wait long periods with their NHS GP when they feel unwell, by providing access to a private GP and video consultations for themselves and their family members.

Fitness & Wellbeing Centre

We are able to provide your employees with a range of services, included without additional fees, that cater for your workforces fitness & wellbeing.

  • Goes the extra mile

    Angela is an extremely dedicated individual who works very hard to achieve results. She is always punctual, well prepared & very personable. In short Angela comes across as someone who is prepared to "go the extra mile" to provide answers & to achieve the required level of service.

    Kevin C.


Secure your employee’s healthcare with Vitality’s Business healthcare that is tailor made for SMEs and is designed to improve employee health, engagement and performance.

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