Healthy meal plans and exercise tips for the busy working week

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At times it can seem like life is all work and no play, but here at Positive Lifestyle Rewards, we want to share with you a few secrets to give you more time to do the stuff you want in and around work.

We’re talking about the two very important aspects of life that people get oh so wrong, or overspend massively on…healthy eating and exercise.

Our blog will set out at providing some handy advice to lower your overall costs, and of course, getting fitter and healthier in the process. Enjoy!

Exercise at home…

You may not get the range of equipment in a gym, but nothing is stopping you getting your 30 minutes of recommended daily exercise from the comfort of your own home.

If you don’t fancy heading outside, then why not combine a favourite pastime of many (watching TV) with some sit-ups and push-ups. Alternatively, you could buy a cycle training aid, which you slot your bike into and enables you to enjoy a home workout whilst watching your favourite programme or movie.

Doing this will save a minimum of £20 a month on gym fees (that’s £240 a year in your back pocket).

Pick a cooking day

For most people, Sunday’s usually work best, as people have the most time to prep. But choose a day where you can dedicate a couple of hours to doing the food shopping and cooking/prepare and you’ll feel far more organised. Heading to the shops every night can not only be a pain but you’ll end up purchasing items you don’t want or need.

Shopping whilst hungry is another bad idea, so make sure you go after meal times, so you avoid buying snack items or other sweet unhealthy treats.

Prep those meals

You can decide to do all five of your meals for the weekdays at the same point, or choose to split them up, e.g. once every 3 days etc.

Then it’s the fun part! Pick foods that you like to eat but are also filled with nutrients, and add little variations to ensure you get healthy delicious meals every single day for a fraction of the price of eating out, and far healthier than that supermarket salad or sandwich which you have no idea what it contains.

Whether you’re a meat-eater, vegetarian or vegan, there are endless opportunities to making exciting dishes that take next to no time.

From rice-based dishes to mouth-watering salads, the possibilities truly are endless, and best of all you know exactly what is going into your meals and body.

If you’re stuck for ideas, then you can check out Angela’s Meal Prep video below!

Sit back and relax

Neither exercise or cooking have to be expensive or extremely time-consuming, so by following the above tips, you should feel more in control of your midweek, having a clearer mind and more time to enjoy the things you want to!

This is just one of the services we offer with Positive Lifestyle Rewards, if you have any further questions, then get in touch with Angela on 07857010262 and she will be happy to help.

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