The benefits of group healthcare

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Health care is extremely important, yet many companies decide to overlook this, or merely cover their major shareholders, forgetting about the bigger overall picture and the wellbeing of their hard-working staff.

We’re all about healthy, happy, employees and we believe all businesses should have this outlook, that’s why we’ve put together this blog to highlight some of the benefits of group health care, why not take a look?

It’s beneficial for business

Who would have thought it? But looking after your employees, for just a minor outgoing cost can work wonders for your business model.

Based on the 2018 Vitality People Study, there were 28% fewer sickness absences compared to those not involved in the programme.

Employees were off for less time, 45% in fact, whilst 38% of those felt they performed better in their jobs and produced more output.

All in all, there was increased employee engagement and job satisfaction, two potentially difficult things to achieve normally, but made easier by the introduction of group health care.

Put it this way, if you have your employees backs, then they are likely to have yours, ensuring positive results for the business on a whole.

Access to GPs you can rely on

One of the benefits of the group health care is that all employees will be able to access one-on-one virtual consultations within 48 hours.

The GPs are then able to issue prescriptions or refer the patient for tests if needed. This saves employees a lot of time, money and effort going to the GP, especially with some practices usually fully booked for around 2 weeks in advance.

It also assures business owners that sick and ill employees will be able to get the required help much faster, so they can return or continue to work at their maximum capacity.

Mental Health help

One in five employees asked stated that one of their absences was down to workplace stress and poor mental health, that’s 20%!

With mental health issues a rising problem, as well as the constant cuts and strains put on the NHS, Vitality’s mental health support can be a welcome bonus.

Employees can earn points for mindfulness activities, as well as seek access to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and counselling. They can also get full access to the Big White Wall, an anonymous online forum helping people to talk about their problems.

Extra Mental Health Cover can also be added, providing unlimited Talking Therapies, an out-patient cover allowance and more should it be needed.

Employee Rewards

Whilst it’s great to have access to the GPs and personal care, you do hope that illness will be kept to a minimum. This is where the Vitality Programme comes in, rewarding employees for the physical activities they complete.

By completing various fitness routines, be it daily steps or personal milestones, they can gain access to several discounts and rewards.

Some of these discounts include cinema tickets, Coffee and gym memberships. It rewards employees for being healthy, ensuring a positive mental and physical outlook, which can only be good news for their input and output at work.

Above are just some of the many benefits that Vitality’s group health care can provide.

If you feel the time is right for you and your employees to see the benefits of Positive Lifestyle Rewards, give Angela a call on 07857010262 and she will be happy to talk you through all of the options.  More information can also be found on our website.

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