What insurance products do Positive Lifestyle Rewards offer?

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The beauty of Positive Lifestyle Rewards is that not only do we have your back as a business, but we also offer a wide range of personal insurance services.

This allows peace of mind for businesses, whether you’re an employee, in a management role or perhaps even the owner or director of the company.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the numerous ways that PLR can benefit you, whether it’s business or personal insurance you’re after.

Personal Insurance

We provide five different options for personal insurance, with something to suit everyone.

  • Life Cover

Unlike certain other policies, our Life Cover allows your family…or a nominated person to receive a cash lump sum should you die in cover.

Our highly-rated policy also ensures that you will receive payment should you become diagnosed with a terminal illness.

  • Serious Illness Cover

This is a product we’re extremely proud of, as Vitality covers far more illnesses than most standard Critical Illness Covers.

Again, if you are to fall seriously ill, then our extensive list of covered illnesses will ensure that you receive your lump sum within a fast timescale, usually when you most need it.

  • Income Protection

Many people in the UK are only a couple of monthly pay checks away from being homeless, which makes Income Protection even more important.

If you are to ever become ill, injured or disabled, either in or out of work and are not able to continue working, then Vitality cover 60% of your gross annual income and have three types of cover to choose from.


We don’t need to stress the importance of this, and how it has benefitted numerous customers.

  • Family Income Benefit

If you were to become seriously ill or pass away, your family’s financial situation would change significantly and they would most-likely face a drop in income and might have short-term expenses to pay. You might have Life Cover to pay off the mortgage but the average family’s mortgage makes up 18% of their monthly spend. The rest goes on other living costs which can be anything from food, council tax and credit card bills to music lessons for the children.

As well as a home to live in, your family needs an income to meet their monthly living costs or to maintain their standard of living. Family Income Cover helps you look after your family’s living costs if something happens to you. It can be taken out alongside Life Cover, Serious Illness Cover or Income Protection Cover. There are two levels of cover to choose from, Primary Cover or Comprehensive Cover.

  • Private Medical Insurance

Vitality Private Medical Insurance (PMI) gives you fast access to high quality private medical facilities and medical treatments, at a time and place that suits you. It also plays an equally important role in helping fund the cost of early diagnosis and treatment of acute conditions.

As well as award-winning cover, Vitality give you lots of Rewards back when you take steps to get healthier, meaning you can benefit without having to claim.


Business Insurance

To keep things simple, just like our range of Personal Insurance, there are four key options for Business Insurance.

  • Relevant Life Policy

Many companies offer their employees a ‘Death in Service Benefit’, paying the employee’s family a lump sum if they die while they are employed, however, this kind of benefit doesn’t suit every company. This is due to several reasons:

  • It’s not normally available to companies with fewer than five employees
  • It’s arranged on a group basis which makes it harder to tailor benefits to suit your most valuable people
  • It may not suit everybody either, high earners with large pension pots can find it takes them over their Lifetime Allowance

There is however a tax-efficient and cost-effective alternative for both you and your employees. Save nearly 50% tax (compared to arranging your own personal life policy)* and give your people access to discounts and rewards when you take out a Relevant Life Policy with VitalityLife.

  • Shareholder Cover

We all work hard to get to where we are in business, and that’s why it can always be a worry if anything was to happen to any of the shareholders.

This isn’t a problem with Vitality though, as not only do we ensure that the deceased or incapacitated shareholder has their lump sum paid out, but the remaining shareholders can opt to purchase the remaining share of the business.

This ensures that things continue to run as planned, without any outside interference which could be extremely detrimental to the business.

  • Key Person Cover

Many businesses find that certain key individuals are responsible for a large part of their profits. It’s not a very nice thought, but unfortunately businesses need to be prepared and aware of the face that losing a key member of the business can have a serious impact on the health of the business.


With VitalityLife’s Key Person Cover, you can keep the impact of their absence to a minimum. If the key person were to die or suffer from a severe illness, the policy pays a cash lump sum to make up for any loss in revenue or profits, thereby keeping the business on track. We understand how strong the link is between employee health and bottom-line results – this is why our Key Person Cover not only provides cover but also gives the person covered access to discounts and rewards on the things that can keep them healthy and performing at their best.

  • Business Healthcare

Vitality also offer Health Private Medical Insurance, making it easier for your employees to get access to high quality care that is fair and rewarding. Vitality’s Business Healthcare plans can also help your business improve your employees’ physical and mental well-being. We also put an equal focus on better health, by helping employees to stay healthy, as well as Rewarding them for doing so.

We hope you have enjoyed finding out more about the services and products which we offer. Do any of the above offerings sound like they could benefit either yourself or your business?

Get in touch with your Vitality Protection Specialist Angela on 07857010262 and she will be more than happy to provide further details.

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